The friendly face of Istrian cuisine

Cooking Classes & Wine/Food Tours

We invite epicurean travelers coming to Istria, the green Mediterranean of Croatia, to take our Cooking Classes, Wine Tours or Food Tours and learn how we eat, drink and live on the largest peninsula of Adriatic sea. All programs are private experiences designed for couples, families and small groups of up to 8 persons.



December 2020. Our beautiful Istria and EatIstria’s Peka cooking class were featured in the Christmas episode “Croatie – Un air d’Italie” (Croatia – A breath of Italy) on French national TV’s show Échappées belles. The show was aired on channel France 5, featuring educational and travel programming. Here you can check out how we spent an August evening with this lovely TV crew and our friends from Pula (video is in French – duration 3 min).


Cooking Classes

In our cooking classes you’ll learn the art of traditional Istrian pasta and master the making of žgvacet or brodet, traditional meat or fish goulash. Try your hand at beating the hell out of baccalà and make a fish paté whose taste can be as noble as the best fois gras. Taste some of the best olive oils in the world and become a pro in its tasting, learn how to make carpaccio and other cold fish starters, how to properly grill the fish without being afraid it will stick to the barbecue.



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Wine Tours

With more than hundred wineries spread across our hilly peninsula, Istrian wine universe is vast and ever expanding, slowly conquering international palates with Istrian Malvazija, Teran, Muscat of Momjan and Borgonja – native grape varieties we Istrians are very proud of. However, visiting Istrian wineries for a newcomer is not so easy! Even locals admit…



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Our culinary programs consist of ONE-DAY or WEEKEND hands-on cooking classes, WINE and OLIVE OIL tastings, visit to Pula farmers and fish market and, in season, foraging for edible plants.

A typical schedule for:
One day class
Weekend class

EatIstria cooking classes take place in our family farm situated between coastal villages of Medulin and Ližnjan, in the southeast corner of Istria.

About us

Who is the chef?

Renowned Croatian food & wine blogger and certified AIS sommelier Goran Zgrablic will lead you through culinary heritage of Istrian grandmothers.

EatIstria is a spin off project of Taste of Croatia
EatIstria is LGBT friendly
Dog friendly

EatIstria highly recommends

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