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Goat cheese with jujube jam and toasted almonds

Goat cheese with jujube jam and toasted almonds

Morana, my comrade from Taste of Croatia, invented this simple dessert when she was still pregnant and successfully satisfied her unusual cravings during the night. Katja, the baby, is now on this World so here is a recipe I dedicate to this small angel.

Pozdrav Katji – Hello to Katja

Last autumn we made only about 60 jars of this very rare jam. Its flavor intensity successfully rivals the one of slightly aged cheeses but it would overpower some ricotta (skuta) or really fresh cheese (svježi sir). Here I used excellent cheese from Kumparička, an organic goat farm near Krnica. They have a stand at Pula green market where you can taste all different kinds they produce, from the freshest ones to the very special ones soaked in red wine and aged for a year or so.

Ingredients (one person):

50 g goat cheese aged for few weeks
1 teaspoon of jujube jam
20 g crushed almonds

Goat cheese with jujube jam

Thermalize the cheese in the oven at 50 C for 15 min. Roast crushed almonds for few minutes in anti-adherent pan till they get slightly brown. Add the almonds in the jam and pour over a slice of cheese cut in cylinder. For additional kick add a dash of grappa in the sauce. Pair with a good passito with lively acids, like Kozlović Sorbus or Benvenuti San Salvatore.